stylist WITH BEAU


Hello my name is Tina, I AM a Swedish/Chilean stylist and blogger with huge interested in fashion and clothes.

I see clothes as art and as a way to express yourself. Ever since I was a little girl I loved helping MY DAD And brother dress-up.

I AM also a trained actor, dancer and model. 

You are passionate about ?

about art in general. I love acting, dancing, modeling, styling. Anything that will get the creative juice flowing!  


A typical fashion mistake you think men make?

the fit of the clothes in general. I constantly see attractive guys with a suit that’s two sizes too big!


Your favorite color on a man and why?

black. It’s timeless, clean and elegant. You can’t go wrong wearing black. 


What's a great look for the weekend?

I really like men that can play the dressy/casual card. A pair of fitted jeans and a nice solid T-shirt with dress shoes can take you from dinner to the bar or club. 



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